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I have had 20 years experience as a qualified Senior Veterinary Nurse and Senior Zoo Keeper and I also have a special interest in animal behaviour. In these years, I've worked with many thousands of dogs and cats within vet clinics and I was the assigned nurse to handle fractious/aggressive animals to calm them down and aleviate stress levels for different procedures.

I've also assisted in countless of behavioural consults for dog aggressive/human aggressive dogs and resolved many dog problems successfully. My many years of working with large dangerous carnivores (lions, tigers, puma and cheetah) primates, dingoes, wolfdogs and other species have advanced my skills in reading and assessing animal behaviour.

I have worked with at least 200 dog breeds but I love the loyalty, companionship and reliable nature of Labradors.

I strive to breed quality Labrador Retrievers for optimum health, temperament, beauty and brains. 

I am always being complimented on how calm, smart and friendly my dogs are, wherever we go, especially when we had to pack everyone up during an emergency bushfire evacuation. The dogs just handled everything with absolute ease and were so well behaved around lots of strange people and dogs.

I became a registered breeder so that people could welcome a Labrador pup into their lives which would be as healthy as possible, have a wonderful temperament and be their best friend for the next 12-15 years of that dog's life.

All of my dogs are hip and elbow scored, DNA tested, some are eye tested and all are behaviour tested. They have excellent health records, only visiting the vet for annual vaccinations.

We have invested a lot of research and money into importing new bloodlines from our friends at Ashdale Labradors in New Zealand. Not only are these dogs of wonderful breed quality and type, but also have beautiful temperaments with the added bonus of being the darkest shade of yellow, Fox red.

Our dogs have below breed average hip/elbow scores and no history of epilepsy, skin disorders, behavioural problems or other congenital issues known to the Labrador breed. None of our dogs possess signs of separation anxiety, storm or firework phobias and are exposed in a positive way to scary stimuli so that they don't develop noise phobias.

My dogs live with us, taking turns to have special time inside. Mums and pups are inside the house where it’s climate controlled until they're old enough to be outside. THEY ARE PART OF OUR FAMILY.

My dogs live together as a pack (unless there is a planned litter), and they all have a harmonious relationship. They are all respectful and well mannered. I exercise them daily with an exhausting run, fetching the ball and going for a swim in the river. 

My puppies are sold to approved homes with committed and responsible owners who will love their puppy for its lifetime. Puppy owners are expected to desex their pup (unless showing) and are not to surrender their Labrador to any pound or shelter if circumstances change. I WILL ALWAYS TAKE BACK A PUP/DOG THAT I HAVE SOLD, WILL TRAIN AND SOCIALISE HIM/HER AND FIND ANOTHER LOVING HOME. NO HARD FEELINGS!

*Please note that in most cases I will cover transport costs for a returning dog as it rarely happens but there will be no money refunded for the original purchase of the dog unless its a puppy due to the time needed to board, feed, train and find another suitable home.

I think of my puppy owners as my extended family and love getting updates and photos.

I strongly recommend that puppies purchased from me are desexed at maturity and that breeding of dogs and cats should only be done by responsible, registered breeders who have conducted all relevant health checks. As registered breeders, we must adhere to rules and regulations set by a governing body (DogsNSW), be open to having our premises inspected and all health checks specific to the particular breed completed. 

Puppy owners are encouraged to take out pet insurance for any unforeseen accidents/illness. Puppy owners are also expected to enrol in puppy preschool classes and continue training for a solid foundation, so that your pup grows into a wonderful well mannered companion.

Pups are handled daily by me and other people and socialised with the other dogs in our pack to ensure they adjust easily into their new homes. 

If you're interested in any upcoming litters, please email me. I might take a day or two to respond if really busy.

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