Gamechaser Labradors



Our breeding dogs are hip/elbow scored, eyes checked and DNA tested to ensure that they are as healthy and free of congenital diseases as possible. They are also temperament tested, obedience trained and socialised. We don't breed from hyperactive, excitable dogs. Dogs with trainable, easy going temperaments is what we strive for.


Ashdale Ring Of Fire ("Una")

SIRE: Ashdale Piping Hot (NZ)

DAM: Ashdale Flamin Nora (NZ)

Colour: Fox Red (Yellow)

HIPS: 2/3  ELBOWS: 0/0

DNA: Clear by Parentage. Clear eye certificate.

Energy Level: Medium

Una was entrusted to us by her breeder Denise, at the wonderful Ashdale Kennels in NZ, after her family circumstances changed. We are very grateful to have Una with us as her beautiful bloodlines,(including USA lines from Hyspire, Elkens, Oakdales and Riorocks), colour, temperament and health will truly compliment our future breeding plans.

Una is very affectionate and wants to be included in everything we do. She would happily lie on the couch all day or be your shadow. We introduced her as an adult dog into our pack and she immediately got along with everyone as if she'd been here from birth. We can't wait to see her future fox red babies.



Ashdale Sunset Over Sea ("Maple")



HIPS: 3/3 ELBOWS: 0/0



COLOUR: Fox Red (Yellow)

Maple was imported from NZ from our good friend at Ashdale Kennels to add different outside lines to our dogs and to also add more of the fox red colouring which we just love. 

Maple has the typical Ashdale traits of beautiful personality, type, health and international bloodlines. She has been a sweet little girl from the day we got her at 8 weeks of age. Maple loves going everywhere and meeting everyone.

Gamechaser Aria 

SIRE:Lacote Downtown Bentley Brown (Bentley)

DAM: Gamechaser Hear Me Roar (Summer)

Colour: Light Chocolate

Hips: 3/3 Elbows: 0/0

DNA: Clear by Parentage 

Energy Level: Medium

Aria is basically a clone of her mother, Summer. She has the same loyal, smart, eager to please temperament and traits of her mum as well as her dad, Bentley, who's training to be an assistance dog.

Aria loves to retrieve the ball just like mum and also loves her cuddletime just like her grandma Penny.

Aria has been a wonderful first time mum, taking to her babies with ease. She's been able to be away from them for some time out, but she prefers to lie with her little ones. Aria is now our 5th generation girl on her maternal side.

Gamechaser She's A Peach (Peach)

SIRE: Lacote Superbe De Savannes (Amos)

DAM: Gamechaser Pick Your Destiny (Penny)

Colour: Chocolate

Hips: 4/2 Elbows: 0/0

DNA: Clear By Parentage 

Energy Level: Low/Medium

Peach is a twin of her mum Penny in all ways, from her looks to the way she likes to carry a toy around in her mouth all day. She's a really easy girl to have around, and a big sook like her mum. Peach has had her first litter of babies and has taken to motherhood beautifully. She loves her little ones and is very gentle.



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