Gamechaser Labradors

Rainbow Bridge, R.I.P

This page is dedicated to those in our beautiful furry family that have passed away.


Eleazar Maddies Yogi ("Yogi")

SIRE: Eleazar Sarahsblackbenny (Black)

DAM: Russlyn Miss Madeleine (Yellow)

Hips 2/2, Elbows 0/0

PRA: Carrier, EIC: Clear

Energy Level: Low 

"Yogi" was my first male dog and was one of the best dogs I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. He had an impeccable temperament and was trustworthy around everyone and everything. He was so calm and gentle and was the perfect puppy. I have taken him to nursing homes for visits.

Everyone commented on just how lovely and gentle his nature was. He truly was an old soul.

He passed on his wonderful nature to all of his puppies and many have gone on to be therapy dogs.Yogi had participated in Tracking trials too.

Yogi was diagnosed with splenic cancer in January 2016. He had his spleen removed and was given 6-8 months to live as this particular cancer is aggressive. However, he lived 18 months after his initial diagnoses and passed away at home in my arms just after his 12th birthday.

Yogi is very dearly missed.





Picknmix Gypsy (Gypsy). Gypsy was an absolute darling- always smiling to everyone and a very safe girl to be around no matter what. Gypsy died from her injuries sustained by 2 huge stray dogs that attacked us whilst out on a walk. We miss her beautiful face and lovely nature.



Lillylabs Living Doll (Sami). Sami was a huge personality here, very loyal and would chase her ball down until she was exhausted. She was a very sweet girl who tragically died in the same circumstances as Gypsy. Sami's lovely face is missed terribly, but we are grateful that her son, Pete, and daughters, Daisy and Lily live on.



Phenwick Lacey of Lacote (Macey) passed away recently (oct 14) doing what she loved best- running and playing. During a play session, she wasn't looking where she was going and accidently ran head-on into a post where she sustained a broken neck and brain damage. we miss her huge presence here, she loved life and was always so happy. We're grateful that her 1 litter of puppies are in the world bringing joy to others.







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