Gamechaser Labradors


Our retired boys and girls are desexed and either live out the rest of their days with us where they help babysit and teach the youngsters how to adjust to our routine as part of the pack, or if we feel they would be perfect for a smaller, more exclusive family setting, we will place those particular dogs into their loving forever home.

Bellabling Queen Latifah ("Sabi")

SIRE: Beulahlands Rene Lacote (IMP USA)(Chocolate) 

DAM: Lacote Bella Girl (Chocolate)

Hips 2/1, Elbows 0/0 

PRA: Clear, EIC: Carrier 

Energy Level: Medium 

"Sabi" is our matriarch dog and produced 2 beautiful, huge healthy litters for us. She is one of the smartest dogs I know and can perform many tricks. She also has a very strong retrieving drive. She's also very good at tracking a scent and has participated in 'Dock Dogs'. Sabi made her television debut in May 2014 on Bondi Vet when she gladly stepped in to be a surrogate mum for lion cub Zambi. She's also been in a few overseas advertisments.We couldn't be any prouder!

 Gamechaser Little Wing ("Dutchie")

SIRE: Eleazar Maddies Yogi (Chocolate)

DAM: Bellabling Queen Latifah (Chocolate)

Hips: 1/0, Elbows 0/1

PRA: Clear, EIC: Carrier 

Energy Level: Medium 

"Dutchie" is the daughter of Sabi and Yogi and is our resident dolphin and adores water even if it's freezing cold. She also has a strong retrieving drive like her mother. Dutchie has a soft nature like her father and the cheeky intelligence of her mum. She has been one of the best mums and enjoys being with her baby puppies (and all the extra attention and food!). She is very trusting and and flops over for belly rubs all day. She will also give a good bark at any strangers over the fence as she's very loyal. She has had pups that have careers as drug sniffer dogs and also therapy dogs for people suffering PTSD. Dutchie is now retired from her mummy duties.




Gamechaser Pick Your Destiny ("Penny")

SIRE: Lacote Johnny's Pick (Chocolate)

DAM: Gamechaser Little Wing (Chocolate)

HIPS:0/0 ELBOWS:0/0  


Energy Level: Low-Medium 

"Penny" has the smarts of her mum, Dutchie and grandma Sabi, and is very affectionate. She's also a stunning looking girl,(dad was the amazing Lacote Johhnys Pick). She's a sweet natured girl, and is no trouble to have around. She loves her daily runs and swimming, and fetches the ball really well. Penny loves to carry things around in her mouth and is a big softy. A real sweetie who would love to be on the couch all day. Penny took on her grandad Yogi's very relaxed, calm temperament and has had some of her puppies become assistance dogs around Australia.



Gamechaser Lioness ("Candy")




COLOUR: Dark Chocolate

PRA: Clear EIC: Carrier

Energy Level: Medium

Candy is a beautiful, petite, dark chocolate girl who absolutely adores retrieving the ball. She is our number 1 retrieving girl here, going through whatever terrain to find the ball for us (we make it tricky and hide it so they have to use their noses). She also enjoys a good chillout with you and is always praised on her good behaviour when out and about and how well she gets along with other dogs. She is proving to be an outstanding and attentive mum as well. Some of Candy's pups are now therapy dogs.



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