Gamechaser Labradors


Our retired boys and girls are desexed and either live out the rest of their days with us where they help babysit and teach the youngsters how to adjust to our routine as part of the pack, or if we feel they would be perfect for a smaller, more exclusive family setting, we will place those particular dogs into their loving forever home.

Bellabling Queen Latifah ("Sabi")

SIRE: Beulahlands Rene Lacote (IMP USA)(Chocolate) 

DAM: Lacote Bella Girl (Chocolate)

Hips 2/1, Elbows 0/0 

PRA: Clear, EIC: Carrier 

Energy Level: Medium 

"Sabi" is our matriarch dog and produced 2 beautiful, huge healthy litters for us. She is one of the smartest dogs I know and can perform many tricks. She also has a very strong retrieving drive. She's also very good at tracking a scent and has participated in 'Dock Dogs'. Sabi made her television debut in May 2014 on Bondi Vet when she gladly stepped in to be a surrogate mum for lion cub Zambi. She's also been in a few overseas advertisments.We couldn't be any prouder!








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