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Testimonials from Puppy Owners


"Cocoa is the perfect puppy. She is so affectionate and beautiful. Thank you so much for all your help. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her"- Deb (Central Coast).

" Sally is a beautiful playful and friendly pup. She is so well behaved even for a baby. Thank you for your support"- Sarah (Summer Hill).

"Charli is going great, a very settled pup and having a great time with our other dog!"- Anne (North Coast).

"Amanda, you have sold us a dream dog. He is sooo beautiful, everyone loves him. Even our vet wanted to steal him!"- Dan (Darwin,N.T).


"Thanks for everything- all the help along the way. Chocky is our furry child and we love him so much. The perfect dog!"-(Andrew, North Coast).

"We were so impressed at the care that your dogs have and how happy they are! Our precious pup is wonderful and will be a lifelong addition to our family. Thanks so much"- Mandy (Geelong, Vic)

"2 years on now since we bought our little girl from you. Thank you so much for such a wonderful dog. She is my shadow and helps me cope with my illness. Thank you!" (Mary, Crows Nest NSW). 

"Your professionalism throughout the process of purchasing a pup was absolutely A1. We felt very at ease with you and your dogs and enjoyed the regular updates until we could transport our pup. We love that we can contact you for any questions (being novices) and we will recommend you to anyone wanting a quality puppy!!!  THANK YOU! (Ruby's parents, Perth W.A). 

"For anyone buying a pup from Amanda sight unseen... you will not be disappointed! We live in W.A so there was no chance of viewing the puppies beforehand. We were perfectly matched up with our pup and we had lots of updates and were very at ease with Amanda. The info file was great too. Highly recommended to anyone wanting a beautiful dog even if you live far away" :) (Natalie and John, W.A).

Absolute pleasure to deal with. We love our little chocolate furry human to bits! (Paul, Hunter Valley NSW).

"After years of rescuing and adopting sickly dogs from the pound or dogs with a lot of behavioural issues, (and having our hearts broken) we decided to research reputable breeders for a Labrador puppy in the hope that we would have a long-lived, happy, healthy dog. We were disappointed by a few breeders and their attitudes (we were not even allowed to see parents of the puppies at one establishment),and one place was nothing more than a puppy mill! After meeting Amanda and her happy dog pack, we knew we had found our dream breeder. She had nothing to hide and is a wealth of advice about dog behaviour and health. Amanda was the most professional breeder we have met and we are happy to refer her to anyone". (Mick and Margaret White, Wisemans Ferry NSW).  

Hi Amanda,
We thought you would love to know how Gus is getting along especially as it is his 2nd birthday next Thursday on the 21st.

We couldn’t have asked for a better dog as he is really wonderful, affectionate, amazing with the kids and such a part of the family. He wakes them up each morning by nuzzling their faces until he gets a pat and then insists on belly rubs from whoever he can get them from. He also puts up with being climbed on, sat on and jumped on regularly.

He is also known as Gussybear as he is such a giant teddy. He is a very cuddly boy and insists on lying at your feet or following you around the house just to be near. He walks really well on the lead and is often surrounded by school children getting pats when I walk him to collect the kids of an afternoon. He is in great condition and weighs around 32kg and we often get comments from others about what a beautiful looking lab he is. Please feel free to put our comments on your website, Anna. (Canberra).


Matt and I love Sparky. He is the best dog I have had. He is intelligent,not aggressive and very handsome.

Just keeping you informed. Oh, unusually for a lab he loves food!!!
 Thank you!! Martin (Sydney).


Dear Amanda, we've struck the lotto with choosing you as our breeder. You've tolerated us taking up so much of your time (we visited 4 times prior to taking our baby home).

You have given us peace of mind and our baby is everything we could have hoped for.

Your dogs are so happy and lucky to have to as their mum.

Please put me down as a reference if anyone needs to call about purchasing a puppy from you, Nicola- Springwood NSW. 









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